LRWSC will be offering specific plastic recycling at Eckville, Spruceville, Prentiss, and Alix/Mirror sites.  The materials that can be recycled are the #1 (PET), #2 (HDPE), and #5 (PP) plastics.  There will be a separate bin set up to collect these items that will go to a local processor for recycling.


Accepted Plastics: #1(PET), #2(HDPE), and #5(PP)

Other plastics such as #3(PVC), #4(LDPE), #6(PS), or #7(other) are not accepted as these items can either ruin recycling processes or create toxic fumes when processed!


Examples of Accepted Plastics:


Water/juice bottles       

Milk Jugs

Plastic Pails

Plastic fruit/veggie containers

Food Containers (yogurt, ect)

Sauce/spread bottles (ketchup, mayo, peanut butter, etc)


Vinegar jugs

Antifreeze jugs

Shampoo bottles

Detergent jugs

Household item containers (ice melt, clean oil jugs, etc)

Plastic cleaner packaging

Plastic storage totes

Pudding cups (PP only)

Clean chemical containers

Plastic screw/nail containers


Anything with symbols #1, #2, or #5





Please Remember:

Remove all lids            Ensure containers have correct symbols                   Do not bag items

Keep items separated             Do not squish items together                         No soft plastics


If you can’t find the correct symbol on the package (#1, #2, #5), please don’t put it in the recycle bin.