Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission will allow for pre-approved credit for the disposal fees at the Prentiss Site. Purchase orders must be provided.



 1.      Application for Credit

                For the purpose of applying for credit terms of purchase, an authorized officer of the business entity must complete and sign the “Application for Credit” form.

 2.      Approval Procedure

 a)      Credit terms will be extended to a maximum of $5,000 under the discretion of the Lacombe County Accountant or Lacombe County Assistant Accountant.

 b)      Credit terms may be extended to a maximum of $40,000 under the discretion of the LRWSC Manager or LRWSC Acting Manager.

 c)      Prior to approval of the Application for Credit the following procedures must be followed:

                     1.“Credit Application Approval Form” must be completed in its entirety.

                     2.Three trade reference credit checks must be conducted by telephone or by fax using the “Trade Reference Form”.

                     3.A bank credit check must be conducted.

          d)       Written notification to the purchaser shall be supplied in a timely manner, advising of the approval or decline of their application.

  3.       Credit Terms and Charges

          a.       Credit terms shall be net 30 days.

          b.        A service charge of 2% per month (24% per annum) shall be charged for any overdue balance.

 Find a copy of LRWSC Charge Account Application here: